Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MicroSD HD Tune benchmarks

I recently picked up a Sandisk 64 GB MicroSDXC card for my Atrix HD phone. The reason for the purchase is that I've always wanted my entire music library on my phone. I struggled through this over the years with various devices because my library is about 35GB. My first gen 16GB iPod Touch wasn't enough and then my third gen 32GB iPod Touch almost cut it. I got my first Android phone the Atrix 2 and wanted to get everything on it but 64GB cards were barely on the market and very expensive. So I was then limited to 8GB (32GB cards were still pricey too) and because of this had spent less time listening to stuff in the car. The Atrix HD came out this year and I purchased a 32GB MicroSD card hoping to get back into the tunes.

Google Music popped up and I decided to store everything there and stream to my phone. But then came the whole problem with having a data plan. 200MB a month wasn't going to work and I quickly found out that 300MB wouldn't work either even without streaming music (maybe a song or two) , just e-mail, navigation data and random browsing put me over the limit twice. I had to upgrade to a 3GB plan this month and having just signed a contract in July I couldn't go over to Sprint for unlimited data (and at the time none of their Android phones had a MicroSD slot). I'm finding in the last couple weeks that for the amount of music I listen to 3GB probably won't work either. So here comes the 64GB card and I can go back to 300MB to save some money.

Noticing the advertising on the box of the new Class 10 MicroSDXC card I wanted to benchmark with HD Tune to see how it compared to my old generic 32GB and a stock 2GB card that came with a Blackberry Bold 9650. I also used the BB to do some of the speed tests because the BB formatted card would not work in the Atrix.

BB Bold 9650
Motorola Atrix HD MB886
C2D on Windows Vista x64
USB 2.0 connection

SanDisk Ultra 64 GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1
RH Data 32GB HX Class 6
SD-C02G Taiwan MicroSD


The short summary is that the 2GB and 32GB cards have basically the same performance, while the Sandisk nearly doubles the performance. But we do see a difference in speed with the same card between the two phones, so the phone performance does have noticeable effect. The odd thing is the high CPU usage with the 64GB card.

BB Bold 9650
Atrix HD MB886
Min: 7.7
Max:  12.4
Avg:  10.0
Access:  1.8
Burst: -
CPU:  9.1%
*Card could not be read
Min:  8.5
Max:  10.6
Avg:  9.5
Access: 1.4
Burst: 7.4
CPU: 17.3%
Min:  10.7
Max:  17.2
Avg:  15.9
Access: 1.5
Burst: 23.1
CPU: 13.1%
*Card could not be read “Fatal error”
Min: 16.5
Max: 27.8
Avg: 26.6
Access: 1.2
Burst: 22.3
CPU: 22.2


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