Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dell PowerEdge 2850 RAID benchmark

In determining the RAID mode needed for a project I ran benchmarks using HDTune on a Dell PowerEdge 2850 with the PERC 4 controller on U320 SCSI 10K RPM disks.  Hopefully this can help someone out in making a decision on what mode to use. Unfortunately I didn't benchmark any other RAID modes besides 50 and 10.

I will not go into details on how RAID works in all it's incarnations here, there are tons of documents elsewhere on the web.

If you cannot see the picture below I have typed out the details in a table.  In short, RAID 10 offers superior performance in all areas except CPU usage, however with a 1% difference this is hardly a deciding factor. There is also a 146GB (1 disk) loss in a RAID10 configuration.

Ultra 320SCSI 10K RPM
Usable space
586 GB
440 GB
Transfer minimum
15.4 MB/sec
94.6 MB/sec
73.8 MB/sec
179.4 MB/sec
32.8 MB/sec
123.1 MB/sec
Access Time
8.7 ms
5.9 ms
Burst rate
256.3 MB/sec
291.2 MB/sec
CPU Usage