Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Symantec Ghost 11 - General Protection Fault at eip=39edcf

In an attempt to reduce our VLAN count, we're attempting to merge one and all its devices into another. We've used Ghost countless times on the old VLAN but ran into an issue on the new VLAN.

In this example we have 2 VLANs:
1 - Router=
2 - Router=

The Ghostcast server ( sits on VLAN 1 and the client is on VLAN 2. The client boots by CD into the PC-DOS Ghost application and is attempting to setup a unicast session to create a backup. When going to the Network>Unicast menu, Ghost immediately crashes when trying to get an IP address with:

General Protection Fault at eip=39edcf; flags=3016
(see the screenshot for the trailing error codes)

This error does not appear to be on Symantec's website and Google returned nothing (hopefully after this post it will).

This is because there was a mistake in the DHCP scope options. The "Router" address (option 003) was set to the VLAN 1 router instead of it's local VLAN 2. I don't know exactly where in the programming the crash occurs because the Ghostcast session isn't initiated yet, this happens during the DHCP lease process. Again, oddly even after changing the DHCP scope options to the correct address then running Ghost again from the command line without rebooting the program still crashes. Windows computers on the same network have been given this incorrect route and have been working fine, so I don't fully understand this. Once the DHCP scope option was corrected Ghost worked (after a reboot).

I figure this is a niche error because there's no reference to it anywhere and our network is likely unique.

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